Muting The Noise

ZK Bucket lives in his own universe. His Universe is called ZAUN and with Concierge he is now no longer alone there.
"The EP is produced on a minimal setup: Jupiter 4 & Minibrute
on a 4-track cassette Recorder and comes in a hand printed Sleeve.
"Resup" is a controlled stomping chaos with reverb drowned Stabs -
this opens the water for "Kon Tiki Sinkt", a hommage to explorers and
"Grounded" supports the robots with its marching drums and "Fasen"
wraps the package in an almost warehouse-fashion."
ZK Bucket

10,00 €
  • Concierge
  • Grounded EP
  • ZAUN
  • 01-04-2014
10,00 €
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