Muting The Noise

Meaning ‘universe’ or ‘the cosmos’ in Greek, Sýmpan is the second full EP from Lazaros, Cologne-based artist and long-time friend of the label.
Dive into the rich, musical universe of Lazaros with this EP – an intricately composed sonic world mostly made up of self-created sounds by the producer from scratch. With previous releases on KX (subdivision of Kompakt) and Nautilus Rising (label of Glasgow’s Sub Club), the music of Lazaros is always deeply personal and a mirror of his inner self. From darker club tracks like ‘Byzantion’ to ambient electronica like ‘Cold Faucet’, the EP displays the versatility of Lazaros, unfolding yet another chapter in a story that begins with his roots in Greece.

‘Sýmpan’ draws the curtains open, setting a brightly lit scene for a unique voyage through time, space and colour. The layered ambient atmospherics of ‘Cold Faucet’ next paints an evocative soundscape of sea and sky, inspired by the town of Krya Vrisi in Greece.

Heading into club territory, ‘Byzantion’ fuses a fierce bassline with Greek orthodox church vocals that morph and contort as the track snarls alive. ‘Gamma’ closes the journey on stratospheric spheres, with sonic flares marking a glittering flight through the stars.

The unique sound aesthetics of Lazaros is in a world of its own, and a pleasure to

Collage artwork by designer and illustrator, Karen Hofstetter, who also did SOH003.

10,00 €
  • Lazaros
  • Sympan EP
  • Sum Over Histories
  • 01-03-2018
10,00 €
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