Muting The Noise

  • 380,00 €
  • Phonon SMB-02G

The SMB-02G is the successor of PHONON’s acclaimed SMB-02 headphones.

With a diaphragm made of Nomex, a material used in high-end speakers, the new SMB-02G delivers even more exquisite sound quality.

PHONON’s unique technology creates a natural, ultra-low frequency range and acoustic space. The free-edge structure of the diaphragm, with its high response and low energy loss, provides a frequency response and wide dynamic range that fully covers even high-resolution bandwidth.

The SMB-02G comes with a detachable cable. A semi-open plate (sold separately) is also available for listeners who want to enjoy both closed dynamic and semi-open modes with a single unit.

380,00 €
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