Muting The Noise

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Isao Kumano, one of Japan’s top mastering engineers, crafted the innovative SMB-01L with audio professionals in mind. His goal: reproduce large studio-monitoring sound in a headphone.

The new revolutionary SMB-01L utilizes a 50mm diameter driver unit, further enhancing PHONON’s signature natural ultra-low range bass-monitoring capabilities. The high-end unit features a powerful magnetic circuit and a diaphragm with a “free edge” structure that brings a quantum improvement to the reproduction of raw sounds, increasing presence and achieving wide high-resolution dynamic frequency range playback.

PHONON extensively tested various reference materials during the developmental stages to ensure the best acoustic balance for all genres of music.
With PHONON’s unique tuning method, the SMB-01L achieves a stunning acoustic balance and a sound that closely resembles that of large high-end audio monitoring systems.

The SMB-01L will be your new go-to for reference headphones.


Type: Enclosed dynamic / Semi-open
Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW
Frequency response::10Hz-40,000Hz
Maximum Power:1,000mW
Weight:343g (Excluding wires) 
Plug:Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo 2 ways plug
Cable: Detachable 3m (4 wires-type L/R independent ground wire connection)  

• Exchangeable ear plates for use with both enclosed-dynamic and semi-open headphone types
• Free edge 50mm driver
• High-quality comfort sheepskin ear pads
• Detachable cable (4-wire LR independent ground connection)
• Case included

830,00 €
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