Muting The Noise

  • Phonon 02-Stick
  • Phonon 02-Stick 3
  • Phonon 02-Stick 2
  • 299,00 €
  • Phonon 02 Stick

The Japanese audio company took its SMB-02 design as the basis for the 02 Stick, which utilises Phonon's PHD technology.

The left and right channels coming out of the mixer are summed in mono as the signal passes down a rubber sponge handle into a single ear cup. The impedance measures in at 40 Ohms, while the driver is 40mm in size.

The lollipop headphone has its roots in the origins of DJing and was the preferred design of figures like David Morales and Larry Levan. While the majority of modern DJs use over-ear headphones, the lollipop can help DJs stay focused on the sound on the dance floor rather than the cue signal.

299,00 €
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