Muting The Noise

After the summer break we are proud to reveal the next record on Siamese. Shiffer, who surfaced on the first Siamese Anthology in 2017, is returning with a full EP, „Soul Masks“. Right after we received the first demos of this talented, in Basel, Switzerland born musician, we knew we have a story to tell. Far away from trends and expectations, Shiffer is creating unique dance music with a certain depth and warmth. Ever evolving this is the right moment to release this beautiful record, also featuring a great remix from The Drifter that was successfully tested on various grounds on the road. We know Mark for quite some time now and we remember talking to him about a possible appearance on the label right after we started. We are very happy to finally have him on board as we are supporters of his music and persona since a while. Adriatique

9,50 €
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