Muting The Noise

Echonomist’s synthesizer-driven productions have often circled the fringes of electronic pop. The Greek producer born Petros Manganaris pushes this further on his latest full-length offering Secret Places. Featuring guest musicians Alexandros Miaris, Avangart Tabldot, and Nadia Ali, Secret Places displays Echonomist’s unfiltered and open-eared approach to building songs. The LP moves through gauzy ambient, high-spirited techno, and iridescent indie-electronica to conceive a prismatic world of divergent textures, crystal-clear in melody.

A1. A Sunday Morning (Intro)
A2. A Different Frame feat. Alexandros Miaris
A3. Echonomist & Avangart Tabldot - Secret Places feat. Alexandros Miaris
B1. The Sequence Cabinet
B2. Falling Head First feat. Nadia Ali

C1. High End
C2. Empty Hours feat. Alexandros Miaris
D1. Back To Mine
D2. When in Rome feat. Alexandros Miaris
D3. Unchain Melody (Outro)

25,50 €
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