Muting The Noise

  • Mircale of the rose, denis horvat, afterlife

Denis Horvat returns to Afterlife Recordings for a second EP of distinctive, dancefloor productions. A year after ‘Modelo’ comes ‘Miracle Of The Rose’, an evocative and authentic development of Horvat’s sound. On ‘Noise’, the vocals of Lelah give way to a stripped-down, reverberant groove. The title track rises with a free-flowing melody before dropping a tough, angular beat. ‘Divin’ is the EP’s deepest cut, before digital only track ‘Royale’ rounds off this diverse release with flair. 2024 Repress on green transparent Vinyl!

13,90 €
  • Denis Horvat
  • Miracle Of The Rose EP
  • Afterlife Recordings
  • 23-04-2024
13,90 €
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