Muting The Noise

The fourth AF Trax release is a three-track EP from our long time ally The Fantastic Twins, who has the following to say about her EP: This EP is a small collection of works I crafted over the past couple of years in the process of working on my live show. I have been performing versions of these tracks countless times and yet never played them twice the same way. To me, they have been material in constant motion, so shaping them into a “finished” form was a risky challenge. Something I was also wary of - would it mean they would become set in stone? Would it mean I’d have to somehow “rationalise" the music - via the mind - as opposed to letting it run into the wildness of its physical live experiences?

11,00 €
  • Fantastic Twins
  • Lost In Germany
  • Against Fascism Trax
  • 12-04-2019
11,00 €
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