Muting The Noise

Ukrainian duo Woo York have garnered worldwide acclaim for their ability to produce a powerful, driving, dark-yet-sophisticated sound, with their upcoming ‘Chasing The Dream’ LP set to drop on 4th May, serving as the first artist album on Afterlife.
The 13-track production entwines a wide ranging palette of Andrei & Denys (Woo York)’s ominous tones, taking the listener on a voyage through the various moods and rhythms of the Woo York odyssey.
“We wanted this album to be a complete journey that will take you to different emotions,” said Woo York. ”Sometimes melancholic, sometimes even romantic, or energetic, or nostalgic. We didn’t want it to be just full of 4x4 functional dancefloor music, but also to show our wider range.”

23,00 €
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