Muting The Noise

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Kevin De Vries delivers big room drama on his ‘Aratak’ EP for Afterlife Recordings. Spirited synth lines, drum rolls, gripping moments of silence and weighty kick drums make the title track of De Vries’ Afterlife debut formidable club gear. ‘Sciamachy’ is more subtle, centred around a euphoric arpeggio which spirals to its apex. Konstantin Sibold contributes a fine remix, toning down certain elements of ‘Sciamachy’ to let others shine. It completes an EP that brims with energy and dancefloor dynamism, a hugely exciting first full record for De Vries on Afterlife.

10,00 €
  • Kevin de Vries
  • Aratak EP
  • Afterlife Recordings
  • 05-11-2018
10,00 €
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