Muting The Noise

"Thirsty Corpse Lies In Vain"
Miroljub Todorović

In 2015, our cover design features the work of the artist Miroljub Todorović.
The founder of Signalism and vanguard of mail art created unique visual poems.

Rather than making sense, they transform sense into signs. Letters, numbers, dots and dashes are coupled into structural spheres. Not an image, nor a text, Todorović’s visual poems are a rare example of meta-objects having more dimensions than paper can offer. Just like music they undulate, vibrate, and feed from the surrounding space.

The art works we have chosen are almost entirely taken from Todorović's collection called Kyberno. The title refers to cybernetics, an experimental field of research exploring signal processes in animals and machines. We are drawn to the idea of conversion behind Kyberno especially. It is the idea that at the level of signals, poetry, music, science, even just white noise are all one.

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