Muting The Noise

  • Johannes Thies
  • Information - Book Two: On the Futility of Prudence

„On the Futility of Prudence“ is the second document within this mini-series on contemporary information and confusion. Book Two is an American story, collected and pinned down on the hippie trails of our new century.
This semi-fictional text ventures into some of the strongholds of traditional American counterculture, such as Boulder Colorado or Salt Lake City Utah.
Following the turn of events, our weird protagonist moves along the American road, right into the desert utopia of Burning Man and further on to the epicenters of Californication worldwide: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Big Sur.
In the fall of 2011, the Occupy movement sweeps across Turtle Island and the entire journey is given a more serious and political touch. The book describes Occupy camps and characters from Denver to Toronto and only stops for the post-apocalyptic renaissance of Detroit.
Book Two is currently only available in English and offers an ecclectic mix of sober essays and flash poetry, intoxicated by the metamodern stream of consciousness.

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